Mount Olive Ministries continues the work of four congregations, representing both the Methodist and the Evangelical United Brethren heritages. In 1982, the Blaine Avenue church (formally Methodist) merged with the Belmont church (formally E.U.B.). In 1990, the Michigan Street church and the Mt. Olive church merged. Finally, in 1997, the two congregations which had resulted from these two mergers joined to form today’s Mount Olive Ministries.

The congregation now worships on the original Mount Olive site, about a mile north of the Indianapolis International Airport terminal. The church was established on this site in 1871, long before the Wright brothers invented the airplane.

This church is a testimony to the continuing vitality of this congregation, a congregation that maintains a “small town” sense of community, a forward-looking enthusiasm, and a strong sense of mission, in spite of the many changes these four congregations have seen over the years.

Mount Olive Ministries has a proud history and a vibrant future.

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