It is our mission to teach our youngest members that Jesus loves them and that they can share that love with others! All of this is learned through a strong partnership between church and home.

Newborns – 2 year olds are lovingly cared for in Mount Olive’s Nursery. Our caregivers incorporate developmentally appropriate songs and hands on activities to teach our little ones that Jesus loves them!

Preschool/Kindergarten Class:
3 – 6 year olds use the First Look curriculum which gives young children a first impression of their loving Heavenly Father. The concept is simple and children focus on one simple truth each month. Ultimately, the children learn three key things:
-God made me.
-God loves me.
-Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Elementary Class:
Our school aged children use the 252 Basics curriculum. This will prepare them for the transition to their Youth years having experienced three basic truths modeled by Jesus in LukeĀ 2:52.
-I need to make wise choices.
-I can trust God no matter what.
-I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

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